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The book that dares to go where 
no other yoga book has gone

So you’ve been practicing yoga for how long now? And admit it: you have questions beyond the yoga poses, beyond gurus and sages, and beyond yoga philosophy. You have real questions.


Questions like, is this stuff going to make me enlightened or merely sore tomorrow morning? Is this actually a spiritual path… or just a way for my teacher to pay off the mortgage? And speaking of my teacher—was that her, drinking beer at the pub last night? Aren’t yoga teachers supposed to be serious and lead pure lives?


Well, wonder no more: Armed with two decades of experience with yoga, Ricardo das Neves is ready to answer those questions (and the ones you’ll think of next week) and spill the beans on what things look like from his side of the yoga mat. But warning: read this book, and  you might find yourself always giggling in class at the most inconvenient times!



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