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The book that dares to go where 
no other yoga book has gone

1. Are all yogis born flexible?

2. Did you always know you wanted to be a yoga teacher?

3. How come some yoga classes get really big and others get really small?

4. Do yoga teachers ever fall asleep in class in shavasana?

5. Do yogis get fazed by class interruptions?

6. Do yogis meditate every day?

7. How do yogis keep a straight face when someone farts in class?

8. Do yoga teachers ever worry about someone in class being better than they are?

9. Are all yogis vegetarian?

10. Do yoga teachers have any vices?

11. Do yoga teachers ever date one another?

12. Do yoga teachers ever get the hots for their students?

13. How do yoga teachers remember which pose comes after which?

14. How come some yoga teachers adjust you all the time and others don’t?

15. Are all yoga teachers’ families accomplished yogis?

16. Do all yogis practice those weird things like the nasal flush?

17. Are all yoga teachers enlightened?

18. If they’re not enlightened, are yoga teachers at least happy?

19. How do yoga teachers train new yoga teachers?

20. How come there are only 19 real questions in this book?


Plus: Not-to-Be-Glossed-Over Glossary

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