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The book that dares to go where 
no other yoga book has gone

Ricardo das Neves hinted at his literary ambitions when, at a mere 18 months, he sought to refill his father’s fountain pen (an object of fascination for the little tyke)… and spilled the inkwell instead. Three years later he foreshadowed his lifelong spiritual quest when, beyond the usual annoying questions that kids stump adults with, he demanded to know who this God person was… and has been fine-tuning the answer ever since.


In the interim years Ricardo das Neves’ talents have come to straddle the world of writing and the world of yoga. He is a graduate of the University of Washington’s screenwriting program and has seven screenplays to his credit: The Trail of Truth, Dancing with the Shadow, Variations on a Winding Theme, The Corridor, The Personal Ad and Other Catastrophes, The Catalyst (adaptation of Richard L. Cohen’s novel Crosswords) and Thieves and Poets. He is also the author of five novels blending spirituality and his own brand of quirky humor: Spiritual Seekers’ Guide (To Art, Theft and Intrigue); Grandma Cuts Loose; Irene Finds Her Passion; Single Egyptologist Seeks Cleopatra; and Making Geniuses. He has published over thirty articles on humor, spirituality, and yoga, linked through his website,


In the yoga front, Ricardo walked into his first class in 1991 and hated it. The following day he took someone else’s class, loved it, and has been downward-dogging it since then, elongating himself (and others) in the Integral, Kripalu, Ashtanga and Iyengar approaches to yoga. In 2007, he began to develop two distinct styles of yoga; one that incorporated the use of hand weights (perhaps to spite his lifelong boredom with weight-bearing exercise) and another one that emphasized gentleness and relaxation throughout (proving that those who teach something are the ones who need it the most). He lives in Seattle and feels fairly certain that he wouldn’t write as much if he lived someplace with significantly better weather.

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